Thursday, June 9, 2011

Please stop telling me what Jennifer Nettles wore last night!!!!!

I read Phyllis Starks column today about The CMT Music Awards, which is probably a step above The BET Music Awards. I send her this email:

There is still too much promotion for these multiple award shows every year. The average Country radio listener is not mired in this like the industry is. I listened to a big Country station on line and they were talking about the dress and screw ups. There is a small cross section of the P-1's and life group who care. Why can't this be balanced? It's like the format runs out of things to talk about until the next award show. One time I heard a major market station air talent talking about what artist wore one week after a secondary awards
show. Why are we so affected constantly about all these music issues? 

Look I understand there is a large facet of the Country Radio community that insists on being connected to the music industry. I remember giving Mike Preston an earful (Like Elmer Gantry) over this. When he became the PD of KKWF Seattle and entered this format. Will someone for the love of God, please explain what this has to do with quality programming, fun and memorable radio mixed with show biz and entertainment. Ha you say Mr. Geiger, this is entertainment, recapping the awards show. Not when announcer type talent throw it away in a break over an intro. 

Using social media, web, digital, streaming, your on air and more, you can create a real buzz for these shows, but it takes elbow grease. Not throw away breaks you remember a minute before you play Lady Antebellum. First that shows no preparation and secondly, you can prepare audio, video and make sure it makes sense and the audience actually cares about it. I have asked listeners in LISTENER ADVISORY BOARDS about these shows and guess what, they don't pay much attention to them. 

I ask a major CMR programmer and consultant about all the trade hustle on award shows and music issues. He said "The trades follow the cash and in this format, the money comes from promoting music and industry music issues." Really?

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