Thursday, June 9, 2011

Forget About Mafia Wars! Dino & Dan Want YOU to Join Their Triberr (video interview w/Jessica Northey)

Last Sunday started out like any day that ends in -y. Wake up, coffee, meditation, blog, write, correspondence, tweet, walk Sissy, Skype with and email from Dino Dogan, who is visiting Tucson, agreeing to let me eView him. Dig a little deeper...his business partner Dan Cristo is in town...deeper they both live in New Jersey but seldom are in the same physical location. Digging half way to China now...these guys recently started the hottest tool for bloggers on the market: Triberr. So forget the traditional eView I said "Lets video this!" I joined Triberr about a month ago, invited by Chicago Power Blogger Sean McGinnis (who will be featured here on Finger Candy Media this Wednesday.) My story is a good one. Blog traffic has increased 200%, Retweets quadrupled from Triberr content and I am learning and connecting with amazing people every day!

What Is Triberr? Founded by Dino Dogan and Dan CristoTriberr is a blog amplification platform dedicated to helping bloggers extend their Social Media reach. When used to its fullest potential, it can extend your range in a significant, and major, way. what's it do? Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe. This happens 'automagicly' of course. Hands off kind of deal.

How does it work? What’s really cool is that YOU are in control of what Tribes you belong to. So just think. Every time you publish a new post on your authority blog, EVERYONE in your Tribe tweets it to all of their followers.

This has the implication to get your blog off the ground and buzzing with traffic in no time.
  • No need to wait 6-12 months for your SEO efforts to take full effect.
  • No need for you to pester your followers with constant retweets of your blog post.
Your Tribe does it for you and it creates a real win-win-win situation.
  • You Win – Your blog posts get distributed by your Tribe far and wide.
  • Tribes Win- People in your Tribe get to feed quality content to their followers and inject variety into their own tweeting efforts
  • Followers Win- Followers get exposed to quality content created by your Tribesmen.
Best of all, Triberr automates the procedure which leaves more time for true engagement with your followers.

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