Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Too many names, slogans and lines!

Lions, tigers and bears oh my! - Radio along with other media staples need to cut the confusion factor with their products and brands. Too many lines, names and slogans. Want to have some fun, check your AE and other staff members emails. Example: If you call the station NEW COUNTRY 107.1! That is all that should be used in print, external and internal. Now check their emails, I've seen some use the call letters when they are never used on the air except the legal ID. If you see this, go to your sales manager and get it corrected.

Our local ABC O&O TV station, KFSN ABC Channel 30 uses the slogan ABC 30. Makes sense right? I was watching the local weather insert and on screen said "Doug Collins KFSN-TV". I'm like WTF. This happen far too much. Oasis' Phil Becker and his great "Find our 9" contest said in Country Air Check, they took the 9 out of everything...he meant everything. This got me thinking, we need to say it one way and only one way.

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