Friday, May 13, 2011

Citadel PD's about to get out of Dodge?

Look for a mass exit of Citadel CMR programmers over the next few months, leading up to the ownership change between Citadel and Cumulus. Most of the programmers will leave on their own and either accept new positions or take a payout. Some employees have begun to receive severance packages and they are preparing for their future. Cumulus is a hands on company, most of the Citadel PD ranks are hold overs from Larry Wilson, like Randy Black, Ed Hill and Bobby Irwin. They have done exceedingly well under the Suleman/Ellis reign. But it will be a new day in Dodge with Jan Jeffries. This guy hires jocks for his stations. Being the case in Indianapolis where applicants for middays at WFMS are directed to Jeffries.  var _sttoolbar = {} 

I know Hill and Black and they don't seem to be the type to take orders and carry out someone else's vision of a radio station without their input. This will be interesting. What sucks about Hill, he has passed on some really great jobs to be Ellis' right hand man in Citadel.

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  1. I went up against Ed and Randy at KMIX in the 90's.. both are great talents and damn nice people too! They will both end up just nicely and deservably so!

    Tom Kelly