SMS mobile marketing 150x150 SMS Mobile Marketing Mistakes to AvoidThe number of businesses starting SMS mobile marketing campaigns each day continues to grow not only with us but across the market category. Today’s marketing budgets are more crucial then ever to protect and show a positive return on, having a mobile marketing strategy in place before starting a new campaign will lead to a higher success rate. We have talked extensively on what makes a great mobile marketing campaign and what features and strategies to include, but what aboutSMS marketing mistakes to avoid?
1. Call to Action: Your mobile call to action should be bold, take center stage and be clear to your customer. “Text PIZZA to 83936 to receive an instant coupon for a FREE appetizer with your next large pizza purchase.” Place the call to action everywhere…in store, website, social media, receipts, table tents etc…Businesses make the mistake of not utilizing their full reach when promoting a new campaign and the first weeks are crucial to building a mobile marketing list that will sustain itself.
2. Using Mobile for One Promotion: Running a Text-2-Enter promotion one time may be fun for your customers, but it will not produce sales each and every week.  Don’t use SMS marketing as a one time campaign, but use it for the long term because each week as your list grows, the number of customers redeeming your offer increase, the ROI is higher and the realized cost decreases.
3. SMTP Providers: If you use an unlimited text marketing provider that sends out text messages via SMTP, you are likely to be disappointed. Companies that use what is essentially an email gateway to mobile phones can not guarantee your message every reaching your subscriber and the redemption rates could be very low due to delivery rates that the money you think you are saving is nothing compared to the customers you would have had if you used a full SMS provider.
4. Frequency: Everyone likes a special offer sent via text, but just not sent every day. Space out your text messages to your list to no more that 3 or 4 times a month. This will keep your redemption rates high, your customers happy and your opt-out rates low.
5. Exclusivity: A customer allowing you access to their mobile phone is much more personal that an email address or follow on Twitter. When you send a message, it is getting read no matter the time or where your subscriber is. Keep your text list happy with exclusive offers that can’t be found on social media sites or from your email list.
Businesses who engage in mobile marketing with these tips in mind will create a loyal following of customers that will reward you with money spent every month. If you keep your text messages relevant, fresh and exclusive, you will save money on your marketing budget, be able to cut out ineffective advertising mediums and grow your sales no matter the economic climate.
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