Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer Imaging Tune Up! from Ken Anderson

Chuck waxes poetic about the success of the launch of WCTO in Allentown, and rightfully so, and one of the cool things I remember is our unconventional approach to imagining.  Some of the great breakthrough country stations employ CHR-style imaging surrounded by great country music!  We launched a summer campaign using classic summer (not-necessarily country) songs with listener bites that had the coolest vibe in the market.  I refined and tightened the sound and made them into TOH ID's for WYGY in Cincinnati and just unearthed some of my faves at  if you'd like to hear.  

I'm pretty sure Tim & Willy had sweeps like these years back but damn if they don't still sound cool today!

Your gatherer of listener audio has to be good!  I had to get some of the listener audio myself!  Quick Tip on sending out a newbie to get listener sound:  Tell the listeners you are sending this tape to the "corporate office" and you want to convince the suits that people actually listen to and like the station! 

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