Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Steve Geofferies is a hired gun!

I met this exciting young man (sound like Stu Nahan in Fast Times interviewing Jeff Spicoli) in 2005 when we worked in the same region programming Clear Channel CMR stations. Steve was the PD of The Bull in St. Louis under our mentor of the moment Mike Wheeler, our RVP. I knew I liked him when he told me a story about Alan Sledge coming to town with a label VP to discuss why they weren't playing a Shania Twain stiff. Steve and I talked a lot and hung at our CC meetings in Atlanta and I still owe him dinner. What I observed was a Wheeler/Chase-style programmer who knew how to grow a station brand/identify and no interest in catapulting any music initiative. Steve knew good radio and how to get it that way. 

What a shoe-in for Charlotte. The brain trust at CC didn't have to over think this. With a developing morning show and my boy Kris Stevens doing imaging, they are #1 for a reason and will only grow with Steve. 

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