Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turned down by CRS

I thought I would be cool and apply to The CRS Agenda Committee. They ask for some ideas and concepts for discussion on panels and committees. I felt my submissions were accurate to the needs of Country Music Radio. Of course, a suggestion for a panel-wide discussion on social media and how to read through the internet-fueled jargon that has nothing to do with real social media communications. Are we really building our brands and identities for our listeners in 2011 or for PPM panelists? And my first love, radio imaging, what can we do to enhance the sonic structure of our stations?


But they love the ideas and said they would use those and sent a form letter email talking about how they are reducing the number of agenda members this year. Good luck with all this.


  1. One thing I've learned when interviewing with jobs (which is basically what you did here) is never give them too many ideas. I'm a firm believer if you tell them all the ways to improve they do not need to hire you, you just gave them the ideas for free. It happened to me with a radio station recently when I was interviewing I gave them a whole bunch of sweeper ideas, imaging samples and my programming philosophy. Low and behold while I was driving through that town, I heard my sweepers I proposed and also heard my programming ideas set forth.

    So the question remains, how do you display your ideas and concepts (trying to sell yourself to them) without giving too much where they do not NEED to hire you? It's like "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" Problem is, when you give them too much, it still leaves you thirsty.

  2. Niki makes some good points, it's always a question of what is enough, and too much
    could overwhelm prospective clients/employers.

    The real truth of it is the worms at CRS are all about towing the corporate line & the industry mandates. They do not want reality, it gets in the way of their contrived message. Hang in there.