Thursday, April 7, 2011

Now test Achy Breaky Heart and see what happens

This is from ROSS on RADIO on the Rebecca Black YOU TUBE song Friday and how low it tested even though everyone knew it. Social Media made fun of the song, that's why the scores are horrible. The YOU TUBE audience became Beavis and Butthead "It sucks".

Rebecca Black, “Friday” becomes the lowest-testing song ever for Australia’s MusicPulse, where even online testing can’t help the online phenomenon. It’s also worth noting that the familiarity of the song was 77%, which will be variously interpreted as “see, even a song that everybody supposedly knows about is only 77% familiar without radio” or “Wow! You can get a song to 77% familiarity without radio,” depending on one’s level of boosterism. (The same type of interpretation will undoubtedly apply to its 125,000 units sold to date.) How a song like this whose notoriety is its selling point would perform in music research is, of course, pretty much beside the point. That said, hearing this news from MusicPulse’s Huw Drury sent me scouring Nielsen BDSRadio to see if anybody was playing “Friday” in significant rotation.

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