And Be The Person, You Ask Others To Be.

Whether you’re a Celebrity, Musician, On-Air Personality, Broadcasting professional or fellow Social Media enthusiast, if you are wondering why others aren’t paying attention to you,  maybe it’s those fingers pointing back at you that should direct your attention to.

Want comments on you blog? 

Comment on others blogs.
Want more followers? 
Follow others.
Want Facebook Likes? 
Like other peoples pages.

Want people to Retweet you?
Retweet others.Want people to view your cool new YouTube video?
Check out others YouTube Channels.
Want people to respond to you on Facebook profile? 
Initiate and respond to others. 
Want the charity you work with to have support? 
Support others charities.
I read a tweet the other day from Mahei Foliaki aka @iconic88whom I respect immensely, it said, “Tweet others as you want to be tweeted”.  I might be taking memory liberties but it was followed by something along the lines of ‘asking people to retweet stuff for you, when you barely know them is kinda not cool’. *Sorry Mahei if I butchered that-it happens sometimes*
I try to be helpful to the community and spread the “pay it forward” love as much as anyone I know….but…shesh…I get about 150 requests a day to retweet, repost or “like” something . I get that they are trying to make it and want some help. I ask for help too sometimes, when I am promoting clients, have a meaningful post or am supporting a good cause. I try to,give as good as I can give.  If I based it on what I get, it would be immensely out of proportion.
It means the world to me when someone acknowledges something I write or post with a retweet, repost and *honestly* my heart skips a beat, when I get comments on my blog!
NOW that was segue into a very interesting question I asked people on Twitter the other day:
You might find the replies as interesting as I did!
In no particular order and names left off, because I said I would, as well as, to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.
-I need to be passionately for, or against something in a blog article to want to comment on it
-Controversy and friendship
-Tend not to on purely “informational” blogs, but I would on blogs taking a position on something
-If the blog catches my attention if I agree or don’t agree I leave a comment. If it’s just rambling no desire to comment
-If I get something positive from the post I leave a comment, I never leave negative feedback there is no need
-Comments on a blog come from how relevant the topic is to you. If it speaks to you, opinions will follow
-Ummm…when they piss me off?
-Emotional connection or to correct a fact, or support something
-I leave comments of positive feedback and to show appreciation for info, if blog is boring/redundant/or trivial, no comment
- If I know the author and when the blog is left open ended and there’s room for discussion.
-I don’t comment when the blog is hype and regurgitated repackaging of other people’s previously stated ideas.
-I leave comments because the content merits a reply, I want to add to conversation, show support, or because they are my friend
-You know the Rebecca Black phenomenon on YOUTUBE? I guess people love to criticize more than compliment
-Not unless you’re adding value to the conversation!
-If you got something to say. Then speak it out.
What makes you want to leave a comment on a blog? I would love to hear your thoughts!