Thursday, April 7, 2011

Imaging components for CMR stations!

We haven't taken a look at some popular and cool imaging topicals or components for CMR stations for a while, let's get to it: You should use a mix of your voice guy, a support female voice that off-sets the male, used only with the male, basically saying what he says or adding slogan or frequency. Listeners recorded digitally at events or in the station need to be in the components or by themselves. Do not use stock audio from vendor websites with lines like "you guys are great". That means nothing because they don't use calls or handles.

Smart and quick social media sweepers need to be part of your mix with listeners giving URL's. Listeners lines like "We follow New Country 107 on Twitter" or "The New Country 107 Facebook community gives me a voice". These are essential to your imaging ecosystem. Has anyone gotten Blake Shelton to give his Twitter URL in a sweeper? Boy howdy - You need too.

Legal ID's still shoud be fun and fast - If you are stuck with call and location with your owner, that ain't fun. Fun is: New Country 107 KKKK Neighborhood Falls - Listened to more than guys who have to listen to their wives nag them - New Country 107!

Red could be the female voice and blue the male voice for an idea on how to match the voice talents. Make sure you do some community sweepers too. My town sweepers are cool. "Neighborhood Falls, Mercer, Kingsville, That's My Town (Montgomery Gentry quick hook MY TOWN) New Country 107" few ideas for you barn burners on beautiful Thursday afternoon.

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