Monday, March 14, 2011

OK short ID's for PPM doesn't mean boring!

Thanks to Rick Roddam for the YOU TUBE Fresno videos. This reminded me of some idea's I have used on community-geared ID's in the past. At KZSN Wichita on the ID's we used the great John Candy drop from PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES: "Welcome To Wichita". KZSN HUTCHINSON (WELCOME TO WICHITA) KISSIN COUNTRY 102.1

If your town is honored in movie, TV show or music clips, you can use the strongest of these in your short PPM style Legal Eagles. Another idea is to record listeners shouting or saying your calls, separately and together with the city of license and communities for ID's.

Now with audio and video on the internet, the production of this material is almost completed for you. 

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