Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cumulus synergy begins

The 64,000 dollar question from the peanut gallery on the phones yesterday. What will happen to the programming synergy that Larry Wilson created? Despite Farid Suleman's efforts to dwarf, still exists in many of the Citadel markets today. Cumulus operates from a dominate centralized programming unit that is utilized in all of their properties. Cumulus has a great track record in recent purchases. They have done well with the Susquehanna stations. Indianapolis and Dallas are great Country Music Radio stations. They have a better track record than Citadel in the purchase of the ABC stations. 

No doubt the former ABC Radio Networks (now Citadel Media) will be used to deliver some sort of syndicated programming for the 500+ radio stations in 126 distinct markets. 

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  1. Ya better contact Gus "Scotty" Oberman and ask that good old boy what he thinks.