Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Job search secrets for the new decade

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NEW YORK, NY -- Once upon a time, you typed up your resume, submitted it to a few select employers and worked hard to build a career. Today's fast-paced, global workforce no longer resembles that old-school fairytale. Those job seekers who can adapt to the new paradigm will see a host of benefits. Electronic communication, online job tools, social networking and networking industry groups make managing your career faster and simpler in today's evolving career landscape. And while you'll still need a stellar resume, it's just one tool; and not the end all in job search. Here are some secrets to embracing this change:

1) Relationships Rule: Relationship building is essential. Focus on quality, not quantity. The key to successful networking is to bring something to the table. 2) Know Your Brand: Create a core message that is short, focused and honest. 3) Give Your Resume a Millennial Makeover: Your clean, clear, focused resume must showcase your experience and accomplishments. 4) Be a Business: Position yourself as a resource, and approach the market as a business consultant, not as a "needy" job seeker.

5) Get Organized: Keep records of all your contacts, including how and when you met them. Track and organize your job application submissions, what companies you've contacted and where you have posted your resume online. Use e-mail to continually connect with your network and save new contacts.

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