Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Job hunting while still employed can hold pitfalls
Abridged: NY Daily News
NEW YORK, NY -- It's always best to look for a job while you still have a job - or is it? Employed job hunters would likely have more leverage if they get an offer, but being on the prowl for a new boss can create a performance issue at the current job. Here are some tips if you're looking for work while already working:

DON'T CHEAT: Tiptoeing off to make phone calls, inventing illnesses or parent-teacher conferences all seems so shady and, well, sneaky. Job seekers should avoid that type of behavior. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF: Although your current boss may be a trustworthy person, if you announce that you are searching for a new job, you will immediately put yourself into a different category of employee in his or her mind. Avoid this. TURN IT INTO A POSITIVE: How you handle yourself during the interview phase also gives a potential new employer some insight into your work ethic. Don't be afraid to ask to schedule interviews at a time or a day when the pace is slower at your current workplace.

DRAW THE LINE: Keep your hands to yourself when it comes to your employer's resources, such as computers, fax machines, phones and most important of all - your time. When posting your resume online, make sure to use the confidentiality feature to protect your identity so your current boss doesn't notice you're looking for a new job. HEAD IN THE GAME: Job searches take time and attention. It's easy to get caught up in fantasizing about how much better life would be in a new job. However, while searching for a new gig and particularly after giving notice, finish strong at your current position.

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