Monday, February 28, 2011

Do you use an imaging matrix or clock?

Or do you have a hodgepodge of imaging that just comes up when it schedules? Joel Folger taught me this when we worked on a project in 1996. If you have several styles of sweepers, listeners, male, female, comedic, image, music, community, etc. They need to schedule just like the music, with their own appropriate rotations. A lot of you use Linker. If you have Scott or Next Gen, the playback system can build rotators and you can set the rotations without having to double your scheduling with Linker and Selector. 

The imaging is scheduled on the Selector music clocks using break notes. It's calling up a sweeper or promo from the digital playback system and rotates them all evenly, unless you select an element to play more or less often. Most stations just call on sweeper after sweeper of the same voice talent and the same lines, sweeper after sweeper. You wouldn't do this with the music, so why would you do it with imaging?

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  1. John Michaels-106.3 The BearFebruary 28, 2011 at 11:08 AM

    Most of our imaging relates to our area and state. We have a Bear brand imaging rotator--A New Montana Country rotator--Our Quickie station ID rotator(Also includes just a Bear Growl between songs)--Our Zip code rotator & our street and/or listener rotator sweepers. Plus we are mixing in these really cool new music sweepers. I know we are playing the right music...It's what happens between the songs that really separates us from the other contemporary stations in the market.