Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What if Charlie Sheen was your morning man? It could happen!

A morning man or team snaps and appears on other media in your market and makes disparaging remarks about you and your station. What do you do?

The chances of this happening are slim to none, but you always have to prepare for the worse case scenario. Howard Stern and Bubba The Love Sponge have done the same thing. The Sponge was going to dress down Clear Channel management years ago and then suddenly didn't. Stern made a living out of blasting management of NBC and CBS.

Charlie knows CBS TV and Radio had a banner year. He's probably pissed that he helped fuel the dynamics of a great year with a hit TV show. But he's a loose cannon. He's making no sense in what he's been talking about on Alex Jones and sports radio talk shows. Tonight he's on ABC's 20 20. This is from People today.

The best thing to do is nothing if this happens to you. Usually the lunatic ravings of a nonsensical man are just that and people feel the same way. Unless a huge talent is harmed or threatened, they are looking to vent about nonsense. 

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