Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Way more with less is the new norm:

Last week I visited a home health care business, where one manager ran the entire operation. Staffing, marketing, supplies, budgeting, HR, financial and more. Office building about the size of a small radio station with only one office being used. I thought, this is getting creepy. The outside world is like radio now. I've visited a few businesses like this recently. Companies have found a way to accomplish more with less human beings. The new normalcy is to serve several capacities. 

We thought it was nuts a few years ago when programmers, air talent and managers began adding a stack of responsibilities. So the double digits Clear Channel is up, is it all profit, or will some of the money go back to the radio stations? Will radio replace the staffing that was sheared in the economy, or will it become profit? From today's INSIDE RADIO: "With first quarter one-third complete, Clear Channel says its radio revenue is pacing up 4% through February 4. “Overall the business tone is positive,” CEO Mark Mays tells investors. It comes in the wake of Clear Channel Radio’s best quarter since before the recession."

In Fresno, CC is staffing their new Country Music Radio station 1027 The Wolf. There is a new PD morning man and afternoons. Recently, their CMR in El Paso quit using Premium Choice. 

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