Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When is too much imaging?

I made imaging director's crazy when I programmed. I was always writing and up-dating imaging, especially before the start of ratings periods. A co-PD at one of the clusters where I programmed a CMR station told me I was too over the top and all this imaging was just busy work. I guess, we ended up for the year #2 25-54 and #2 12+ to KFDI - This was KZSN Wichita. 

I don't think there's a such a thing as too many imaging topicals, just the right ones. You need to figure out what it's going to take to build your brand and plug it into the minds of the community, the life group and the users. I recommend s simple series of imaging pieces that builds the community, morning show and the music. 

  • Geo-Artist Sweepers (that tie the artists into your communities)
  • Social Media Sweepers 
  • Geo Sweepers (Saluting your communities)
  • It's About Sweepers (Love, parties, country, truck, etc.)
  • Artist Quantity Sweepers (More Taylor, More Zac Brown, etc.)
  • Morning Show
  • Middays
  • Afternoons
  • Image Station ID's

Programmer's need to have a plan to what they want to accomplish with the imaging. To write a few pages of cool lines and send them to the voice guy is fun, but is it building the brand with a plan? All of the imaging topicals needs to build and maintain the brand and positioning of the station. What are you known for? If the brand is NEW COUNTRY, then it makes sense to employ: MORE NEW COUNTRY FROM (artists) PLAYED BACK TO BACK ON COUNTRY 107. 

It's not a question of too much, it's about the right amount based on your needs!

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  1. Hey Chuck! Paul Orr at Q93-Knoxville and and I'm with you all the way. Boring radio is...boring.