Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tantrums

Why on earth are station running ads for positions? - I mean it's getting stupid. KPAM Portland is a news-talk AM, they put an ad for a PD last week and filled it yesterday. KASE/KVET was looking for a world class production director, imaging guy and they give the job to a traffic-continuity guy. Now we know why more folks are saying daily: "I've had enough" and seek work outside of the business. Like former Citadel programmer Wes McShay who is now a partner in a real estate firm.

1027 The Wolf Fresno hires former KRZR afternoon honcho and imaging Jedi Knight: Koyote for afternoons. He had been the imaging director for the Clear Channel cluster in Fresno. This is such a deja vu for me, I put that station on 5 years ago this month and we couldn't move the meter. Good luck again and again. 

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