Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joplin janitor goes South!

Folks he's a big dumb animal
Kris Stevens will be know to me forever as THE BIG CAT DADDY! - When he joined WCTO Allentown for evenings CAT dramatics and imaging - He became an imaging and branding genius. He joined us in 2002 from The Zimmer Group who turned out some great sod-busters. Chris was awesome at imaging WCTO. With his imaging juices flowing he returned Cat Country 96 from an imaging and branding void, in which the process was built on, to #1 in Fall 2002 and Winter 2003. He then began his journey with CMR inventive Bob McKay at WXTU Philadelphia, moving from nights to afternoons to mornings. He was a breath of fresh air and provided the best entertainment value since Cadillac Jack. 

Now with drum roll please, Chris joins WNKT Charlotte (Cat Country 96.9) as middays and...Does Bruce Logan have it up his shelve to use his new secret weapon - Kris Stevens? - Sarah Palin - you betcha Bruce told COUNTRY AIRCHECK "Kris joins us as the most experienced PPM air talent in the building because Philly was one of the very first markets to go PPM." Adds Stevens, "One of the features that sealed the deal for me was team atmosphere. I have heard nothing but great things about Bruce (mainly from Bruce himself) and am eager to begin." DJ and WSOC - "in case of emergency break glass"

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