Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You've got be kidding me...

78% of INSIDE RADIO readers, in their poll said that digital and interactive is value added, that customers can't see any real value in the products. Just 22% would be willing to pay for advertising. How is this happening? Have we let clients dictate the level of which they would pay for advertising? Of course we have. This is been going on since the early 90's, when we began giving away the fort.

I remember being so excited when we sold the corporate traffic sponsor to a local ambulance company in Allentown at WCTO. I then found out it was given to them to support a measly ad budget. Digital and interactive is way too important to let it become an end-cap loss leader. The problem here is maybe the clients think radio isn't and won't invest enough into it to make it into something. 25% of major companies have budgeted for social media and interactive marketing. Radio, their clients and the digital impressionists need to come together on this and make it something clients need and customers will use. 

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