Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mac Daniels is the Mack Daddy

Mac Daniels has slid into the programming position at Peak Broadcasting’s KSKS Fresno. This is a monster radio station; I programmed against it for three years and couldn’t even scrape a piece off. Mac is no stranger to competitive situations. As the Program Director of WMZQ Washington where he worked with Charlie Ochs and Bill Figenshu. Mac returned to Austin for Clear Channel’s gigantic KASE/KVET where he served two tours of duty and programmed WYCD Detroit. Mac takes over in Fresno from Tom Jordan who continued building on what Ken Boesen, Mike Peterson and Steve Pleshe built. Pleshe was an animal and the most aggressive programmer I’ve competed against.

Mac brings a major market swagger and tremendous industry representation to KSKS and Peak. His first order of business will be to round out and file off the rough edges of the new morning show that was created when Market Manager Patty Hixson moved midday talent Greg Lane and Afternoon talent Gnarley Charlie to mornings and rehired former morning co-hostess Jody Jo Mize. At this point they moved two-thirds of the live and local air staff from other dayparts to mornings. Erica who was in mornings is in midday’s with part timer in afternoons and nights. Mac has the morning show guidance chops working with Doctor Don Carpenter at WYCD and hiring Murphy and Cash at WMZQ. All eyes this New Year will be on Fresno and KSKS, especially with Clear Channel blowing up KHGE and replacing it with a younger focused hit Country Music Radio product, 102.7 The Wolf. KSKS doesn't have much to worry about, The Wolf is a hodge-podge of dry voice John Willyard sweepers and Willyard's read is real toned down, almost AC and no live and local talent. KSKS and Daniels will be at the Peak of performance. 

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