Monday, January 3, 2011

Congrats to Jessica Northey and Doug Erickson as they join All Access

"SocialMediology 101" -- JESSICA NORTHEY of takes 15 years ofradio and TV know-how and applies it to daily tips and insights, plus a full weekly column, to get you in on the ground floor of successfully immersing your station, personalities, and brand into the fast-changing world of social media. Buckle up -- there is a lot to learn. Become a student of"SocialMediology 101" here.
"The Talent Pool" -- DOUG ERICKSON has been consulting radio for over 30 years and has blazed a path of success, particularly in the area of talent development. He's sure to cause tidal waves of knowledge in the "Talent Pool" ... dive in. Take your first swimming lesson in "The Talent Pool" here.

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