Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to the first business day of 2011

And the question is: Are you ready to take care of business? You’ve had a great holiday and now it’s time to make noise again. With you jets cooled, are you ready to tackle the madness once again?

While you chilled did you figure a way to make some of the things happen that have been stalling or no movement before the break? After relaxing, it’s great to come back with a fresh attitude and mojo. We know it will be a great year. Economics are going to get better this year. 24% of all businesses say they are going to hire employees. Last month unemployment was the lowest it’s been in several years; retail had the best holiday since 2007.

Creative COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO programming mixed with a keen management sense is your calling in 2011. The opportunity to approach difficult situations with a clear and concise overview will be the key to avalanche successes this year. I firmly believe the time for wining is over. Using your creative juices doesn’t cost the station or your budget a dime.

Doug Erickson said it last week, this is show business and time to start making it happen. No need to blame your management team, the talent, the company and others. You are the star of the show. So go at it hard and strong and don’t stop till’ you get enough. Then do it some more.

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