Monday, December 27, 2010

The Best of FTC 2010

Music and Community make a great connection

Country Music Radio does the best job putting artists in front
of their audiences.

The KSKS five dollar concert series here in Fresno is amazing.
Three groups, one established new face and a couple of up and
coming artists in a local park.

Something is missing regarding a connection between the live
music and the audience. A community connection. The concert
or event should have a sense of purpose. To benefit a local
community organization. This makes a serious connection
between the 18-34F and the artist/station. In the recent
Alan Burns material, Community is the missing link for
females who are P-1's of CHR and AC radio. There
has to be some dribble to Country Music Radio.

Alan says Fun and Community and less worrying
about PPM mechanics. Applause light goes on. Fun
and Community should be a concert series to benefit the
charitable organizations with a carnival and fun atmosphere.
Watch your local news and read the local paper.
There are always organizations, especially in this
economy that would love to have a concert series
to raise funds and awareness of their needs. Social
media becomes a viable marketing tool to spread the word
on both the organizations, station and talent's pages.
Cross promote with the organization and local television and print.

All of sudden, Fun and Community explode in your face.
This becomes less of a music oriented stroke and
small listener participation and screams louder, that
your Country Music Radio station is concerned
with every thing that concerns your community - More than a liner or promo. 

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