Monday, December 27, 2010

2010: WHAT'S NEXT FOR COUNTRY PROGRAMMING in 2011 with Craig Powers

Craig is the VP/Programming for Cameron Broadcasting, the former KIK-FM Orange County CMR PD chimes in for the end of the year.

What's in store for Country Music Radio in 2011?

I would need a crystal ball for that answer. Whatever it is I’m looking forward to it!

What challenges did you face in 2010 and next year?

All 6 of my stations burned to the ground, but we rebuilt from the bottom up, have a great new location, new state of the art studios and a new start!

Your thoughts on the direction of the music and
Sonic Sound of Country Music Radio?

Right now there is a great variety of country music to choose from and in my opinion that is optimal for the format. This keeps the older demos happy and brings new young demos to the format as well. From the traditional sounds of Alan Jackson and George Strait to the fresh new Pop Country sounds of the Trailer Choir, Jane Dear Girls, Katie Armiger and many, many more! I love the fact that I can hear great classics like Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Merle, George and more, followed by Miranda, Zac, Jason, Lady A…Then some 90’s Garth, Clint and Brooks and Dunn on K-Flag Country!  What a killer variety of music!  No other format can offer the variety that Country music can and reach the broadest audience all on one station!

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