Thursday, October 21, 2010

The un-conventional convention!

There was a news talk radio convention in Los Angeles this past weekend and a good friend of mine was there and said it was almost out of control with programmers and vendors clashing in presentations and panels. Arbitron getting the brunt of the hecklers. Questions were posed to the Arbitron folks like "Why are you sampling 6 year olds", "Why are the same people on panels for years, if they don't listen to my station now, they won't in a year." My favorite "The sample size is still too low and the panel isn't refreshed enough."

While one popular consultant was speaking, programmers were over heard saying things like "1980 called and want's it's radio station back." Is this the tone for future conventions or will they still emerge as radio and records ass kissing conventions? With CRS coming up in early 2011, will someone ask these tough questions. Stop the disconnect between vendors, labels and radio stations. Radio's job is tough and these vendors don't seem to get it.

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