Thursday, October 21, 2010

S*%$ my air talent have said!

The new television show and the Twitter site, S*&$ my Dad says, made me think of some of the craziest stuff I have heard on my stations from the air talent. Most come from WCTO Allentown, because it was dripping in personality.

Wild Joe Tyler WCTO after playing WRITE THIS DOWN for six months as a power says: "George the lead in the pencil has been worn down to nothing:."

Shaun O'Brian WCTO in a scuffle with a listener on the air over having too much fun: "I don't come down to CVS where you work and tell you how to stock shelves."

Don Hall at KZSN Wichita to Brad and Cathy (Co-hosts): "You both are killing me, this should be so easy."

Me as Uncle Buck at WCTO after playing NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH "Wynonna, not Winona, not the shop lifter, the only thing Wynonna ever stole was a leg of lamb."

Bobby Knight at WCTO after playing Toby Keith: "I'm not saying Toby Keith is a big dumb ape, but it's true he has a new song out (into Magilla Gorilla theme). 

Athena Matsikas at KHGE Fresno relating  market manager Jeff Negrete to Kevin Metheny at W-N-BC. "He's just like pig vomit, every time we try to do good radio, he finds fault with it.


  1. Okay, I didn't say this on the air, but I put my headphones on & pretended like I did to freak out my PD at the time...Coming out of Poison's Every Rose has it's Thorn I said "Like my daddy always told me, Son, life is like a rose garden, you just have to watch out for the pricks" Thought I would share...