Friday, October 22, 2010

From the Real World to the Rural World, Social Media and Politics

Sean Duffy's campaign has received much National attention especially after being endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin and Governor Tim Pawlenty. Often called the “next Scott Brown.” and recently named to "Time Magazine's 40 Under 40 . The National Republican Congressional Committee thinks highly enough of Duffy’s campaign that is has included him as one of 22 “contenders” in its “Young Guns” candidate recruitment program. In addition, even though his district is rural and spread apart to the tune of many hours of driving around, Sean is running a fantastic grass roots campaign and Social Media has had a big part in it!

Taking a Closer Look at the Duffy for Congress Campaign's use of Social Media

There are no secrets to Social Media but there are proven strategies that work whether you are a celebrity, politician or local business. There are a lot of people out there trying to use Social Media to "carry their message", some do it well and well, some don't.

There are many people helping this campaign utilize Social Media and in no particular order here are some things that this campaign is doing that stand out:

-Great branding throughout all Social Media Platforms
-Content consistently updated
-Very clean look across Platforms with traditional red, white, blue and star accents
-Great candid photos of Sean that makes him look approachable,  upbeat and official
-Great website/blog, well organized and optimized, all pertinent data above the fold
-Easy to find Facebook widget on website which is a key factor helping people "like" your brand
-Strategic online (and real life) alliances
-Engaging followers-not just Broadcasting: Communicasting
-Personable without being too personal (no one cares what you had for breakfast except for the time Sean made Rachel pink heart pancakes for Valentines Day-CLASSIC)
-Following people back to show that it's not a one-way relationship, its also courteous and when you do, some people respond to you, then people who follow them see this—and more exposure for you
-Retweeting/Reposting whats being said about the campaign
-Listening to what followers are saying and responding to someone who complimented you on a speech you gave
-Great use of video and photos
-Consistent use of targeted Platforms(Twitter/FB/YT/Blogging) which is a crucial component
-Altruistic and transparent, it is easy to see that with Sean what you see is what you get
-Great use of content and creating content/PR for campaign from outside news sources
-Great campaign manager who was willing to listen and try new things to make this campaign stand out online  (Matt Seaholm is one of the best I have ever worked with)

It is always rewarding to work with clients who really get Social Media and excel at using it!

Rachel started her television career as a pioneer of reality TV on MTV’s groundbreaking reality show, “The Real World, San Francisco.” Fans of ABC’s “The View” will recall her recurrent role as a guest-host going head to the head with the likes of Barbara Walters and Meredith Viera in over twenty feisty performances.  She is also the author of “Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood.” Sean, also a Real World alum, class of Boston and Ashland County District Attorney 4 terms, is  a National Lumberjack Champion.

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