Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Randy and the gang back in broadcasting!

Kevin Carter's RAMP said today that Randy might be gone at the end of the week. From today's RAMP:

"The Chicago Tribune, reported that Michaels has decided to resign as CEO sometime before the end of this week, according to those famous and murky "sources close to the situation." Rather than just slide someone new into the CEO chair, theTribune hears that Michaels will be replaced by a four-member Office of the President: Eddy Hartenstein, President/Publisher ofThe Los Angeles Times; Tony Hunter, President/Publisher of the Chicago Tribune Media Group; Tribune Chief Investment OfficerNils Larsen; and Don Liebentritt, Tribune's Chief Restructuring Officer."

Tom Taylor says at Radio-Info that he made it through the meeting yesterday and is still Tribune's CEO. Why all this hoopla, this is the biggest news in radio, television and print media? What if Randy says the hell with it and this group goes back to radio? What a team. 

Sean Compton, Lee Abrams, Jeff Kapugi, Carolyn Gilbert, Leigh Jacobs, Mark Chase, Kevin Metheny and more. These are players. This would be a great group. Now I know Wilson and his Portland crew didn't exactly set off fireworks over the Columbia River with Alpha. The creative process without the muddle of the administrative process was Randy's way at Jacor and for a cup of coffee at Clear Channel. This would be a welcome team back to the creative process in radio. 

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