Monday, October 18, 2010

Is your radio station a frat house?

Lee Abrams and Randy Michaels according to Jerry Del Colliano today were sparring partners in the battle of who would take the fall for bad taste inside the electronic world of Tribune. Jerry also says today, which is true

"Because this kind of mismanagement is going on in other media companies. And you don’t want to be unwittingly contributing to your own downfall". 

Radio has become this business void of real policies and procedures. When Randy was the CEO of Jacor, he didn't want an HR handbook, because he didn't want a list of what you could and could not do. Real companies and businesses operate from a total spectrum human resources standpoint. I have worked for a major newspaper company for over a year, McClatchy and it was not like Tribune in anyway, shape or form. It was buttoned up and zipped up tight.

Sure these right brain managers believe that the creative and artistic freedom is crunched when you have all of these rules and policies and the workplace becomes vanilla. That is bull ding from the get go. What does inappropriate behavior in any way shape or form have to do with the creative platform inside radio stations?

Still, too many radio stations have frat house atmospheres. Managers either turn the other cheek or are so focused on the sales vistas, they don't see it. It's this kind of loose environment that leads to trouble. The last thing you want to do is end up in a deposition answering questions about the "loose attitude" of the radio station. Talk to your staff, talk to management and if you lean even a tad blue, clean it up. If you take a clear, large tank of water and add even a tinge of blue, the whole tank takes on a blue hue. 

Be known for what you live for, creative, passionate and dedicated radio without the excess baggage. 

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