Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What about Randy?

Today's big news is Tribune Companies will ask for Randy Michaels resignation as CEO of the company. Radio-Info says this might have a cascading effect with more of the gang leaving with Randy. I have a few friends that went to work with Randy and they love working there and bringing a new motif to the print industry. 

They days of trying to reproduce magic in radio with a group of rag tag radiophiles is over. The business has changed too much, the connection and spark with the audience and customers is gone. Buzz Bennett, Bill Drake, Les Garland, Gerry Cagle, Guy Zapoleon and more magic makers would have a tough time getting anyone to care. Sorry I didn't hear the New KCBQ sign-on, I was listening to every song from The Byrds on Pandora while texting friends overseas. 

I think Randy is a great radio person who was a fish out of water in the print world, I know I was working at The Fresno Bee. It's a change in what you're use to. There is little to zero creativity in print. The business model is older than I am. Maybe Randy was just trying to put some fun in the mix and it didn't happen. 

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