Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get your message across clearly

Yesterday I noticed signs, two of them in the window a Taco Bell for their new Brazilian Taco. One sign in the first window had the name and the next sign just a picture with "Try one today". Now if I only saw the right sign and didn't bother to look 20 feet to the left for the sign that gave the brands name, I would be wondering try what today. You only have seconds, if that to make an impression. 

Clients and customers who advertise sometimes feel that customers know their product and they don't need to customize their brands. This is why Clear Channel's Premium Choice needs to use the stations calls or slogan in the live jock breaks. We need to tell people who we are. This is why without marketing,  new radio sign on's and have two shares year after year and the management wants to know why they can't get arrested. When Jody Jo Mize left KHIT here in Fresno to return to KSKS, someone on her Facebook page wondered what happened to her after she left KSKS. She said she was at KHIT (Lotus Classic Hits station) and the guy posted "What is KHIT". 

Brand clarity is essential to the product becoming retained by the customer. When I was working for The Fresno Bee, cold calling customers to pitch them on print and on-line products, you would not believe the amount of businesses that didn't answer the phone with their name. Reminds of a story where a CMR PD was told by his internet division, he had his logo displayed too much on each page of the web site. Have a great Tuesday. 

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