Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8 Ways to Get Fired Because of Social Media (from Career Builder)

We hear about it all the time: employees calling in sick and getting caught surfing Facebook. Employees bashing their employers and clients, or declaring their job search via their Twitter account. Workers posting inappropriate pictures and videos to YouTube, reflecting poorly on the company.

Social media faux pas happen every day, but people are starting to take them more seriously -- especially employers. So far this year, 21 percent of companies with more than 1,000 workers have disciplined employees for violating social networking policies, compared with 13 percent in 2008, according to a survey by Proof point Inc., an e-mail security company. About 9 percent have fired an employee for these violations, more than double the 4 percent two years ago.

Remember back in April 2009 when two Domino's Pizza employees posted a video on YouTube that showed one employee filming another sticking cheese inside his nose and passing gas on the food -- implying it would be delivered to customers from the store?

Well, that's one way to get fired via social media.

While we hope you would be smarter than that, one can never be too sure. So, to help drill home what not to do on your social media account, pay attention to these prime examples of how to get fired because of social media (in no particular order).

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