Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Radio-Info (This is funny)

Top 10 Things You No Longer Hear at Radio Stations
« on: September 18, 2010, 09:05:44 PM »

10) Welcome to the staff – be sure to hang your third up there
on the wall with the others.

 9) Can you drive over to the ad agency and
pick up that spot that starts tomorrow?

 Cool Man, all those guys in the major markets
sound great!

 7) Can I bum a cigarette?

 6) Better re-do that spot, Carl – I think you
recorded over a splice.

 5) Let’s see…the record is 3:47, plus 10 seconds f
or the ID…so I gotta roll it at 56:03.

 4) Check it out! Slide pots!

 3) I don’t have time to change the reels
on the FM! I’m tryin’ to do a show here!

 2) Have you heard the new
Midnight - 6 guy?  He’s fantastic!

....and the Number One Thing You
No Longer Hear at Radio Stations:

  1) These Fidelipacs suck!

Nick Seneca


  1. Hi Chuck.....

    As the original poster of that Top 10, and an enthusiastic daily FTC reader, I want to say "thanks" for relaying the list! I'm flattered - and happy to read that you enjoyed it!

    Look warmly on the past, but embrace the future!

    Nick Summers (Seneca)
    Production Manager and On-air Host
    KPLM, Palm Springs, CA