Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First listen new KSKS Fresno morning show - Greg, Gnarley and Jody Jo

Had a chance yesterday to listen to the new KISS COUNTRY 937 - KSKS Fresno morning show. A new show with three personalities, when most stations are cutting back on talent on morning shows. What a great surprise. They sounded like they have been on the air together for years. Actually they have all worked together for years and like each other. You can hear that in the interactions, that makes them real and easily transferable to the audience.

They are still developing the show and the roles. I was amazed at how good the entire station and the new morning show sounds, especially with no day-day program director. They took real calls who knew who they were and interacted well with the listeners. Great bit - Double toasting - Gnarly ordered toast from two different servers at a local Fresno breakfast place. They called him out on it. They called the diner and talked to the server who busted him. Nobody is doing radio like this in our FTC home market. 

The production elements for the morning show are separate and sonically sound great. With syndicated morning shows ruling the airwaves, it's great to hear these folks making great live and local radio.

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