Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Election year means fun imaging

Election years are fun for sonic sound topicals, especially in markets that are home to big elections. At KHGE Fresno (Big Country 1027), we ran George Strait for President. "Strait in 08" became our victory cry. Of course he had some big hits that year and he was in concert in Fresno in early 08.

Some of the cool things you can do: KBUL in Reno did this in 1994, they made political signs BULL FOR GOVERNOR and stuck them among other signs in fields or intersections. I was stuck at a light one time and saw them, thought they were the coolest. Check your local campaign policies before doing this.

On election day, this has a hidden agenda, once-twice an hour, use the line; "REMEMBER TO VOTE TODAY - COUNTRY 106.1" We of course are in the Fall 2010 ratings period. Here are some thought starters for election imaging:

"Country 98.5 says they play the most Country in Freeville, last week they played 125 less songs than Country 106.1 - Now who's telling the truth when they say more New Country back to back - Paid for by the committee to re elect Country 106.1".

"Bondo and Mary for Morning Mayors - The bring more fun and music to the people,. each and every morning - Their platform is simple, it's flat and you can stand on it - Bondo and Mary Mornings on Country 106.1"

"There's the tea party and then theirs the beer party - Vote beer party in 2010. Country 106.1"

If you need help with these, I am available to write election packages for your Country Music Radio station.

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