Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 91's are here (Got extra cash laying around and want to build a group?)

The FCC Auction #91 is here. If you have few grand laying around, depending on the circumstances. There are a few prime pickings and only a few Class C's. Most are A's and in odd places, unless a Class A in Ajo, AZ in the middle of the desert interests you. Palmer, Alaska Class C might get into Anchorage and my favorite is Kerman, CA, a few miles from Fresno.
(Art Laboe already owns a pea shooter doing Hispanic flavored oldies with a rim shot of Fresno that is from Kerman). Prineville, OR (which is part of Bend market, Class C3, C3 in Key Largo, FL (Bertie Higgins Broadcasting). Class A in 29 Palms, CA (growing area). 2 C3's in Elko, NV (Wonder if Ken Sutherlin will bid for those?) Wow a C3 in Pahrump, NV (over the hill from Las Vegas).

31 of these FM's didn't sell last time so the total now on Acution 91 is 141 FM's. Here's the list of the cities, towns and allocations. FCC Auction #91 What becomes of these stations when they are purchased through the auction? I've noticed most are won in bids by Spanish broadcasters and religious broadcasters. If you look at LPFM applications, that rings true.

Radio-Info reminds us that some broadcast groups were built on these auctions. Connoissuer Broadcasting popped for a bunch of these Class A's like Wichita, KS and Billing, MT. My idea (not cost-efficient at all) would be to buy a few of these, build a group of small market Country Music Radio stations and serve the communities with live and local programming. Sure beats securing one or several of these auction FM's and putting syndicated programming on them, which is what will happen. March 29, 2011, let the bidding begin. 

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