Friday, September 24, 2010

All I Need To Know About Social Media I learned From My Dog!

-Sometimes you have to bark to get people’s attention
In Social Media the “squeaky wheel” does get the oil. You have to put your opinions out there to find people who relate or debate with you, depending on what you are looking for.

-Keywords are crucial to communication
When I say the words “wanna” ,“go”, “ride”, “walk”, “breakfast”, “gramma” my dog responds because the words appeal to her. If you know your business and your audience, you will want to use the words that make sense and attract them.

-It is better to lick your own wounds
Just because you feel hurt, wronged or frustrated, an active timeline/stream is not the right place to throw people under the bus. When you are upset, take a timeout and be very careful about “poison pen” tweets and posts.

-You have two ears and one snout
You should listen twice as much as you bark er I mean speak.

-Don’t jump on people
Give people some space and don’t overwhelm them with tweets, posts and emails. Give them a chance to get back to you, if they don’t, it’s not a big deal. Social media is not the end all be-all, there are way more important things in the world.

-Don’t bite when a simple growl will do.
It is perfectly acceptable these days to offer tips and dissatisfaction about products and services.  This is one of the greatest tools of Social Media. But you don’t have to completely destroy someone. Let them know, see if they are listening and give them a chance to fix the issue.

-Do tricks and get treats
Positive attention is a great reward. I really enjoy the simple things in life…like when someone retweets, reposts or shares something I wrote, or comments are left on my blog posts (hint-hint)

-Follow people you likePeople ask me all the time “how do you decide who to follow” or “why do you follow so many people”? These are questions you can only answer for yourself. I follow people I find interesting and I follow back people who follow me. I feel like it is an act of kindness and a way of telling them I think they are important too. It is also psychological because I know how it feels when someone doesn’t follow back, it’s as if they are saying they are more important than me or that I am just not important.

-Don’t poop where you sleep
Just like when you are potty training your dog to do its’ business in a certain area you should watch the kind of poop you leave behind on various Social Media Platforms. Vulgarity, spam, and insensitivity to others is well, poop.

-We are pack animals
Dogs are trained to behave in an appropriate manner inside and outside the home. On Social Media we train each other to treat others by the way we treat them.

-The tail does not “Wag the dog”
“Bait and switch” or Multi Level Marketing tactics suck and I find it intolerable when someone purposely diverts my attention with a cool offer/coupon and then asks me to buy something to redeem it. Be transparent, do what you say you will do and if you are trying to sell something to me, lead with that and don’t try to “wag” me!

-MOST IMPORTANTLY....When you are happy DANCE around the house!
I know that’s not a Social Media tip but I think that Happy People make Happy Tweets and Posts!

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