Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stealing when I should have been buying!

Yesterday, All Access has articles about employee theft and contest rigging. It's always a good idea when we read these articles to examine our own polices and procedures. The case where the terminated employee went back to an unlocked station and stole audio and transmitter equipment was unique. First, never leave the radio station unlocked and purchase a security system if you don't own one. Video monitoring of the property is another good idea. Station employees went to his house. Never do that - Call the authorities if you suspect a crime.

The promotions coordinator that stole $14,000 by funneling contest cash to her friends is another case. The promotions director or even the program director can call contest winners and thank them for winning and check the information from time to time on the winners sheets. This was a SECRET LISTENERS SALUTE where the talent read names and they had to call back and win $1,000. Guess it happened 14 times which is was more than it should have been. She got caught when one of the "winners" narced her out. 

Market managers and programmers should get together with the business managers and create stop gaps to keep pilfering down to zero. These stations were lucky, they got the money and equipment back. What about situations where disgruntled employees do not get caught?

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