Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WEDS MORNING MEETING WITH Robert Knight for 8-4-10


Ellen's out... er... as an American Idol Judge, that is; rumor has it that Cara is leaving the show, too.  It must be lonely being Randy Jackson. Idol STILL hasn't named a replacement for Simon Cowell.  Truth is that it doesn't matter which singer/actor/producer the Idol producers try to replace Simon Cowell with, because they'll all fail. Why? Because Simon was original and stayed true to his opinions and beliefs.  He's made people into stars, and has launched careers of artists and successfully packaged brands.  He brings a certain credibility to the table that J. Lo, Mariah, Whitney, or Brett Michaels can't.  

Here's what Simon brought to the show:

A.  Dickhead commentary
B.  Industry decision maker
C.  Guided careers
D.  Skilled at critiquing 
E.  Leader

But, there is an answer.

Hire a high-profile radio program director to play the role of Simon.  It will work!  Program directors are dickheads, decision makers, career builders, critiquers, and leaders.  And, because high-profile PD's are often associated with having great "ears," it really makes sense to have a PD in the role.  And, isn't it the ultimate goal for the Idol artists to get airplay?  (Taylor Hicks, who?)

So, I'll suggest a name:  CBS' VP/Programming, San Francisco, Michael Martin.  I had the privilege of working for Michael at KIOI in San Francisco, in the last few months of K101 and to launch Star 101-3.  Michael personifies what an Idol judge should be:  Calm, cool, tough, kind, a leader, and a programmer with incredible ears who has launched many careers. And, he likes to wear black t-shirts.

Which PD would you nominate to fill Simon's chair?

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