Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road Trippin' with Sirius/XM

Thanks to Jessica who held down the fort for the past few days, a burned up power supply in the home computer last week then vacation on Friday - I'm back and didn't listen to any terrestrial radio. Sirius/XM was on the Ford Escape from Dollar Rent a Car and I wanted to listen to it instead of commercial, terrestrial radio. First listen was Classic Vinyl Channel 14.

It is really odd musically, because they will play a string of real Classic Hits and then real obscure songs. Walk This Way, Levon, Proud Mary and then Ziggy Stardust, Good Lovin’ (The Dead) and Quicksilver Messenger Service Fresh Air. The imaging is pretty bland and so is the talent. Next listen was The 90’s or GEN X Channel 9. Great imaging with jingles and sweepers done to the tunes of 90’s songs and voice team doing lines from 90’s hit movies. A good listen – The CHR Channel, Hits 1 is real good, a mainstream Top-40 with great imaging and lots of music information. Too many countdowns for my taste.

I didn’t listen to Country, John Marks doesn’t have his hands around it yet and it hasn’t has a real PD since the tag team of John Anthony and Scott Lindy at Sirius and XM prospectfully. All in all, they are doing a good job replicating terrestrial radio. One problem – Too many channels, one day their going to have the RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) Channel. Narrow these down to the prime channels. Too many of the channels replicate each other. Not much difference between Classic Rewind and Classic Vinyl. I told my wife, I could get this in a new car and use it a lot. Road trips are for music and local stations are for running around town. Radio doesn’t have the spark or magic to listen to every station you can on the road.

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  1. Chuck - Classic Vinyl is the 60s and early 70s Classic Rock while Classic Rewind handles the late 70s and 80s Classic Rock. There are some channels that blur their lines and duplicate each other but for the most part there is SOME differentiation. Did you have XM or Sirius in the car? XM has a few extra channels because of the Clear Channel Agreement - these are carbon copies of other channels because they are programmed by CC and not Sirius XM. Also, XM 20 on 20 is a Top 20 countdown all day and simulcasts Sirius Hits 1 at night and weekends. Sirius Hits 1 does a full on Top 40 countdown on weekends and they replay it about four times a weekend. I'm not sure if the Sirius Hits 1 pulls from the XM Top 20 at times because sometimes on XM I hear sweepers for "20 on 20" and "Sirius XM Hits 1" interchangeably on weekdays.