Monday, July 12, 2010

Stuff needs to be tied together...

I listen to the radio a lot on road trips and running errands around town here in Fresno. Yesterday I heard some elements and components on a few radio stations that just crept up on you with no warning. Meaning there is no explanation. One of the success stories of the 80's was George John's AC Klassy format. The reason: They talked to the 25-54 Female listener constantly, letting you know what the station did and how they can could be part of the motion.

With voice tracking, just segues. PPM methodology and slashed budgets, we use the excuse of just letting features, elements, programming and more just air with no explanation of who, what, why and where. For example, AC KJWL was playing Christmas songs yesterday morning and I heard three songs segued with no explanation to why they were playing holiday songs. We'll we know it was Christmas in July, big heatwave here and I guess we are smarter than the average listener. No one can call and ask them what they were doing, the phone would go to voice mail in an empty studio.

Today on KKBZ (The Blaze) I hear two Sammy Hagar songs played back to back with a generic sweeper between the two songs. Well now it was a contest, when you hear two Hagar songs you win tickets to his concert. I guess I have to hang on every word when listening to radio to find out what's going on. 

Now remind me, isn't it our jobs to tell people what's going on? Or have air talent become voices in a drum talking about nothing. KHGE (Big Country 1027) on Premium Choice yesterday, the talent tells me he just loves Glorianna. Wow that's great. Now tell me what's in it for me to listen to that station and what they have to offer.

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