Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Putting the Client First.

with BENMARadio's Mark Margulies
Seems almost silly to look at the radio sales process any other way. Yet, many times, the client’s best interests fall through the cracks. It’s not intentional—it just comes from not understanding the difference between a client’s needs, and their expectations. There’s a way to put the client first that really accomplishes that goal, and brands client loyalty at the same time.

At BENMARadio (www.benmaradio.com), we are creative consultants. That means we take what the client’s expectations are, turn them into radio commercials and deliver a message that exceeds clients expectations, while at the same time, satisfying their needs.

That’s not something that ordinarily gets taught at any level of radio along the way. Fact is, at seminars, I make it a point to tell people it doesn’t take a college degree to write a radio commercial. Anyone can, and usually at some point in their career, WILL write a radio ad. Ideas are like navels—everyone’s got one. But an ad isn’t supposed to just take up 30 or 60 seconds or spew out mounds of information to be digested. The client needs to convey information--- but it’s how that information is delivered that makes the difference. That’s why what we do at BENMARadio is pretty important---- we think.

We’re not more creative than the other guys. We don’t use funnier voices or better words. The reason we’ve been around for over 100,000 scripts and 23 years is because we show the client how radio delivers results for them. When salespeople use our methods and our way of gathering information, they find the commercials delivered look very different from what they’re used to. It’s uncomfortable, it’s simpler, it’s not the usual ‘show up and throw up’ spot packed with details. That’s because we craft an idea with focus, making sure the audience understands how they need to react and what they’re reacting to.

It’s all because we treat the medium the same way you do. You’re a narrowcaster, playing formatted music designed to reach a narrow band of the overall listening audience. That’s what our radio commercials do. They’re written to get response from people who are ready to buy, sell or use a product or service. Sure, we want everyone to listen, but radio commercials are about motivation. The client needs to see, that if they expect people to call them for news about their latest video game, people CALL. No client ever maintained a budget with a radio station using a commercial that didn’t meet their expectations—even if they loved the commercial and customers commented on it. That’s why, in a business that’s decimated creative staffs and talent, in a business that relies on interns and salespeople to write a majority of what you hear, we have a 23 year track record for success. If you meet a client’s expectation, you meet their needs. That means they’ll stay loyal to you, even during the toughest economic times.

Client loyalty happens when expectations are met. That drives success and gives you a more solid client base to count on, in good times and bad. Always put clients first.

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