Monday, July 12, 2010

BENMARadio and Finger Candy Media Partner to Present GET SOCIAL to Local Radio!


Denver CO / Tucson, AZ (July 13) ----She’s a trendsetter and leader in the social media revolution. His company started the copy by fax industry and innovated creative consultation for radio salespeople.

She has 65,000 followers in less than a year. He’s written close to 100,000 radio ads.

She’s ranked in the top 1000 of Social Media mavens in the world along with the top 200 non celebrity non brand producers. He boasts a 23 year track record creating millions of dollars for radio clusters.

She’s Jessica Northey. He’s Mark Margulies. Now, they’ve build the next BIG THING.

BENMARadio, Inc., and Finger Candy Media LLC, present GET SOCIAL™, the turnkey program that marries local radio clients with social media. Jessica explains. “Their marketing universe becomes one. And it’s easy---clients go online, fill out a simple form and within a week, have a unified program we help them grow.”

Margulies adds, “We coordinate the message online and on radio, so all their media works together. They now have the same clout as their in-market national competitors. This means radio no longer is an optional expense for them. You become indispensible.”

Built FOR radio stations, there’s one really attractive component. “It’s proprietary,” says Margulies. “You control the client’s social media.” Northey adds, “Clients must turn to the salesperson (and us) to make the Social Media work. Even without a radio buy, they still need the station for help with their message.”

Even sales people get into the act. GET SOCIAL™ has an online form that creates social media for salespeople, so they can effectively use it to promote themselves, and new busienss for their station.

GET SOCIAL details can be found online at either or You can browse the online forms for clients and salespeople at

For Questions/Inquires Contact Mark Margulies of BENMARadio:
4980 South Boston / Greenwood Village, CO 80111 / 877.751.6667 /

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