Saturday, July 17, 2010

Musical Chairs

When you became a Country Music Radio programmer, who knighted you with the knowledge of a musicologist? So many programmers still spent an inordinate amount of time on music. If you are that in love with music, perhaps you need to go to work for a record label. Some programmers have done exactly that.

If we become more focused on programming and management of Country Music Radio, we would see less in the way of  music articles and photos in the trades. I mean can Taylor Swift win any more achievements? I think she just won the Fly Swatter Association of America award for best female artist. 

Whether you are arguing about what the next single should be or not enough steel guitar in the mix, think about other elements of the station that need your attention.You are not the judge and jury for Country music. Execute some discipline and add some creative programming mojo to what you do. Then maybe we won't have to hear about Sugarland being fixated on the order of the songs on their new CD twice in one hour, like I heard on Premium Choice yesterday. For God's sake there has to be something in the community to talk about. Did stuff stop happening in our towns and cities?

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