Friday, July 16, 2010

LIVE from The's Jessica!

This week I am blogging from the Doubletree Hotel in Minneapolis where I am a speaker at the 35th Annual Conclave Learning Conference.
My lecture/presentation is called "Are You Being Followed?"
The past month I gathered video and photos from Social Media friends in order to create a video for the opening. I thought it would be fun and give the presentation a little 'something-something'.
If you read my blog the contents of my presentation will be of no surprise. I am consistent about my ideas about how I use Social Media to get results. I have never said that I know the only way to use Social Media and am sure there are as many people who disagree with me as agree. However, you can not argue that I am getting results and making money not just for myself but for my clients!

Determining ROI with Social Media can be a debatable subject but show me the ROI on your cell phone?
Now, if you are a radio station wondering how you can make money on Social Media Check out the "GET SOCIAL" introduced earlier this week.
ENJOY! I will write more next week about "The Conclave Conference" experience.

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