Monday, March 15, 2010


PPM is really performance propelled media - It's all about creating a compelling product that sets you apart from  your format competitors and other stations. Full-fledged entertainment value that is fueled on personality,  stationality and is wrapped around receiver-oriented product representation. 

Working to maintain and grow recall is not the key to meter prosperity and placement for your Country station. How you set yourself apart from the others and how your grow your brand brings your more consumption from your listeners. The lemming approach to making everything short and sweet is a chicken way of handling the stationality/topicality portion of your station. Look at Mediabase Tuned-In and every Country station has nothing but "More Country Now - Country 107.3" sweepers. This isn't really the approach to take.

Bring the listeners, the market, the quirks of the community and the culture into the imaging of the station. This begets larger consumption and begins to turn your Country station into a usage vehicle and not simply a Country music station. Create the same kind of bond with your lifegroup and consumers that AC has done during the holidays. The old ways of simply playing music and touting how great you are won't get noticed any more than it did during the diary-era of audience measurement.


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