Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I noticed this last night listening to PROLIFIK, the syndicated Rhythmic Top-40 host and CC VT talent, he sounds real cool and has a great vibe and delivery like Joe Boxer on Country and others, but really says nothing. We use to have it drilled into our heads to be real and relate as a human to the listeners and not sound like an announcer. He basically told how the show worked and what the songs where he was playing. If Dees and Kasem would have done this, Ouch!

Now we are not sounding like announcers and we are not saying anything. No one is talking to the people about what's going on in their communities and life group. The breaks seem to be all music laden with no personality. They sound cool, but really don't move the stationality needle. Putting calls on the air unless they relate to something and have some validity is not communicating. Programmer's have been too busy to teach the new breed of people who are in radio (instead of people who are in love with radio) to talk and rock the box. They've developed this cool sounding 20-30 something style on their own and it needs to change. Air talent need to talk directly to their life group. This means doing more than laying down voice-tracks and talking about Chris Young and Eason Corbin - Yesterday listening to CC's Premium Choice, the talent told me the new Rascal Flatts CD is in stores now. C'mon! and I heard a sweeper that said "You are there, we are here, connect on-line".

I would always write down three weird things that happened to me on the way to work or during the day that could be translated onto the radio. Now the 20-30-somethings put it on Facebook and not on the radio. This is what's wrong with so called "personality radio" today.



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